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Wisdom Tooth Removal at Arlington

People used to think that eruption of the third molar would coincide with the person gaining wisdom and maturity. That is why it was called as the ‘wisdom tooth’. Whether the wisdom tooth can bring wisdom and wealth to a person, that is far from being verified. However, it is a verified fact that the wisdom tooth can, quite often, pose serious dental problems.

Arlington Wisdom tooth problems

The wisdom tooth can create problems for you in two ways.

  • Impaction-Firstly, wisdom teeth have a habit of becoming impacted. This means the tooth does not erupt fully. It may remain below the gum surface, or it may pierce the gum but remain partially erupted.
  • Cavities– Wisdom teeth are located at the farthest corners of the mouth.  This means they are the hardest to brush and floss properly. They also have the widest chewing surfaces. As a result, wisdom teeth are most likely to acquire cavities. And to compound it, their location makes their repair difficult.

Impacted wisdom tooth Treatment in Arlington

Impacted wisdom tooth is a very common phenomenon. Wisdom teeth are the slowest to grow, and the last to erupt-that is, if they do erupt. Another reason is insufficient space in the jaw bone. In quite a few people one or more wisdom teeth get impacted.


  • Inflammation and pain- A normal tooth will pierce through the gum relatively fast. But an impacted one will not. It will, however, cause the gum to stretch and swell. Very often an impacted tooth can cause severe pain although in some cases it may not cause any pain. This pain can be so severe in some cases, that it would seem to come from the ear.
  • Cysts– Impacted teeth can cause development of cysts in the jaw.
  • Bad odor and bad taste– This is another symptom of an impacted tooth if there is no other reason.
  • Pain on chewing– Impacted teeth may cause pain when opening or closing the mouth, and when chewing.
  • Food particles sticking– an impacted wisdom tooth with damaged gum tissue will normally hold food particles after eating.

Complications due to Impacted Wisdom Teeth

If you ignore an impacted wisdom tooth, you could see one or more of the following complications:

• Gingival inflammation around the adjacent molar.

Periodontitis, or gum disease around.

Tooth decay, or caries.

PericoronitisPericonitis, or inflammation in the gum around the tooth can be caused by food trapping.

Tooth resorption– Resorption of the adjacent tooth can be caused by the pressure generated by the impacted tooth.

Keratocyst or a dentigerous cyst.

Treatment of Impacted Teeth in Arlington

An impacted tooth can cause infection and an abscess, with a lot of discomfort. This condition can occur and disappear but would ultimately necessitate a removal. So why not extract at the very start. Wisdom teeth are, in any case not essential for either the chewing function or the smiling function. Hence, dentists prefer to remove a wisdom tooth if it is found impacted.

Arlington wisdom tooth removal

Arlington dental has all the necessary dentistry skills and facilities for a painless removal of a wisdom tooth. The process of extraction involves:

  • Prior treatment of infection, if any.
  • X-ray image of the tooth to assess the number and orientation of its multiple roots.
  • Local anesthesia. General anesthesia may be used if more than one teeth are to be extracted in one session.
  • Opening the overlying gum tissue.
  • Direct extraction or surgical removal
  • Stitching of the tissue may be required in some cases.

Wisdom teeth usually do not participate actively in the chewing process. Furthermore, they tend to cause various dental complications if they get impacted. Therefore, it is better to consult your dentist in Arlington and get your wisdom teeth removed before they can cause any discomfort.