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Pediatric Dentistry in Arlington

Can you treat your dear child like an adult? No, never!  Children need special handling even in dental care. That is why Arlington Dentists have a special department of pediatric dentistry. Our pediatric dentists are specially trained and certified for treating dental and oral issues of children.

Why care for baby teeth?

This is a very frequently asked, but intelligent question. The simple answer is that baby teeth (or temporary teeth) do have a time overlap with the permanent teeth for quite a few years. If milk teeth get diseased, they can easily pass their disease to permanent teeth which should last a lifetime. Milk teeth also happen to be place holders for some permanent teeth.  And of course, milk teeth provide your child an opportunity to learn oral hygiene habits for their future life.

Arlington pediatric dentistry services

Arlington pediatric dentistry services can be categorized as: dental examination, operative, and advisory

  • Pediatric Dental examination in Arlington– This is the key role of the pediatric dentist in the oral health of your child. Any amount of oral care at home cannot guarantee complete freedom from caries and gum disease. In addition, the baby may be developing inherent dental problems due to genetics. Your pediatric dentist in Arlington will be able to detect and diagnose any problems early, and treat them accordingly. Experts advise that a baby should start seeing the dentist as soon as the first tooth erupts.
  • Pediatric Dental Treatment in Arlington – The pediatric dentist can dispense the following treatment to your child where necessary
    • In case of any early signs of decay, he or she can give your child a fluoride treatment.
    • The dentist can apply dental sealants as a precaution against childhood caries.
    • Extract any supernumerary teeth (teeth which are more than the normal number of baby teeth).
    • Restore teeth that have cavities
    • Treat accidental injuries, etc.
  • Advisory Services – In addition to treatment, or in place of it, the pediatric dentist will give advice to prevent oral health complications.  This may include:
    • Teething problems- Your pediatric dentist is the best person to give you advice when you most need it, that is during the teething period of your child. He or she will be able to guide you how to diagnose the start of the teething, how to handle the irritation and fever of the baby, keeping the drooling mouth clean, and how to soothe the irritated baby.
    • Cleaning the teeth– When the baby gets teeth, it is important for you to know the best way of cleaning it’s teeth.
    • Dietary advice.
    • Habit formation– “Habits die hard”. This is another aspect of pediatric dentistry advice which can affect the oral health of your child throughout its life.

Your children’s’ dental health is as precious as their physical wellbeing. Regular visits to your child’s dentist in Arlington can ensure that your child enjoys a perfect physical and dental health throughout life.