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Braces in Arlington

A beautiful smile is one of the greatest blessings in this world. If your smile is being blemished by your crooked and misaligned teeth, then we can fix your smile with the help of braces. If you are living around Arlington you do not have to go anywhere, because we offer quality solutions for the correction of your misaligned teeth with braces.

Wire Braces in Arlington

Wire braces are a very effective method of teeth alignment. Braces are being in dentistry for a very long time and is really a time-tested method. It is also quite economical compared to clear aligners. Braces are also used for correcting a misaligned bite. A person is said to have a misaligned bite if his upper teeth do not mate properly with his lower teeth.

How Arlington Braces Function

Braces act by applying continuous pressure over misaligned teeth to move and re-align each tooth gradually in the desired direction. The pressure is readjusted almost every two weeks in order to guide and control the movement of the teeth in the optimal direction.

Major Components of Wire Braces in Arlington

Major components of wire braces include the arch wire, the brackets, the ligatures, and the orthodontic bands. Steel wires have been traditionally used in construction of the dental braces. However, these wires and other components are quite visible and the braces may look somewhat conspicuous.  While some people enjoy looking distinct with braces, some people may think the visible braces detract from their personality. To overcome this aesthetic issue, tooth colored wires and transparent ceramic or plastic components are popularly used.   A brief description of the components follows.

  • Spacers– Spacers are fitted between the teeth to create space so that the orthodontic bands can be attached.
  • Orthodontic bands– Orthodontic bands must be placed around each tooth to hold the individual brackets. They can be stainless steel bands or made from other materials. These bands can be clear or tooth-colored to avoid visibility.
  • Brackets– Brackets are used to hold the arch wire which in turn holds all the teeth together. The brackets may be made of stainless steel or ceramic materials and hold the arch wire through ties or ligatures. Brackets may be bonded to the teeth directly or to the orthodontic bands. The brackets may be attached to the front surfaces of the teeth or the lingual (rear) ones. If you get your braces at Arlington dentist, you will have a choice of colors for the brackets you wear.
  • The Arch Wire-The arch wire is a thick steel or Nickel-Titanium wire which goes along the teeth in an arch form. The wire applies the force on the teeth through the brackets. Inward or outward force is applied by tightening the arch wire. Lateral movement of teeth can be achieved with springs placed on the arch wire between adjacent brackets to exert lateral pressure on the teeth.

Duration of treatment with Braces in Arlington

Duration of treatment depends on the severity of misalignments as well as on health of the teeth, jaw bone and the gums. It can normally lie between one and three years.

Frequency of visits for Arlington Braces

Normally you will visit your orthodontist twice or once a month to check the movement of teeth. The dentist will readjust the tension in the wires to press the teeth further towards the final position.  Arlington dentists will make sure that your visits for braces are as infrequent as possible.

Retainers after Treatment with Braces in Arlington

After the desired alignment and positioning of teeth has been achieved, you will be given plastic retainers to wear. The retainers will consolidate the movement achieved by the braces and prevent the teeth from traveling back. These retainers need to be worn for about six months.

Braces are to be worn for a long duration to affect a very gradual movement of teeth. This needs a large number of visits to the dentist. That may be inconvenient for some people. Also, the braces are distinctively conspicuous. Arlington dentists offer better, but more expensive alternate to the braces, which is the clear aligners which do not necessitate repeated visits and are also not visible.