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Your teeth are an asset which help you chew food. But that is not their only significance. They help you pronounce properly. But very importantly, they give you your smile. Healthy and bright teeth add to your personal grace. Similarly, your gums and facial contours matter to your personality. Unfortunately, not all people are born with beautiful pearly teeth and rosy gums. And some of those who are, may see these assets deteriorate due to neglect, disease, accident, or any other reason.

What is cosmetic dentistry Arlington?

Cosmetic dentistry involves all those dental procedures that are performed to improve your smile and make you look attractive and beautiful. Cosmetic dentistry procedures are of two types:

  • Repair – Firstly, those procedures in which in which your existing maxillofacial and dental resources are reshaped, aligned, etc. Examples are straightening of teeth, whitening of teeth, scaling, gum depigmentation, lip piercing, tongue piercing, or correcting a temporomandibular disorder. These procedures do not involve addition of materials to compensate for hard or soft tissue which may have been lost or otherwise deficient. This type of dentistry is classed as orthodontics.
  • Replacement – The other type of cosmetic dentistry includes processes in which deficient or lost tissue in the dental or maxillofacial regions is replaced. It also includes removal of offending tissue. Examples of this type include gingivectomy, enameloplasty, gum grafting, placing crowns, installing veneers, bonding, etc.

Cosmetic Dentistry Arlington Services

Some of the major cosmetic operations offered at cosmetic dentistry, Arlington are:

Arlington Tooth bleaching and whitening- These two operations are together, probably, the most popular operations in cosmetic dentistry.  whitening restores natural color of your teeth, while bleaching action goes beyond that. Do it yourself (DIY) options are also available using various over the counter products of which you can find a broad variety in the local market. Carbamide peroxide is normally the active agent in all these products. With water, carbamide gives off hydrogen peroxide. Although DIY is possible and attractive, bleaching should, preferably, be supervised by qualified dentist. This will help reduce or avoid any unintended damage.

Arlington Veneers: Veneers are a quick and cost effective solution to discolored teeth. Special ultra-thin porcelain laminates in colors of your choice can be bonded directly to front surfaces of your teeth. Veneers could be an option if in your case whitening is not found successful. veneers are attached for permanent, but can be removed, when necessary, by the dentist.

Arlington Teeth Reshaping: If you do not like the shape of your teeth, i.e., they are crooked, long, or short, that is no problem. A little of the enamel on your teeth may be trimmed away or material added to improve appearance of the visible part of your teeth. You can also have your teeth resized if those are too large or too small. Reshaping is not a very lengthy process and you can have your teeth reshaped at Arlington cosmetic dentistry in a single visit. This process is also termed as sculpting.

Arlington Bonding: Bonding is another option in tooth reshaping. A dental composite resembling dental enamel in color can be applied to a tooth surface. Then it can be sculpted into the desired shape. After that it is hardened and polished giving a natural appearance.

Arlington Teeth alignment: Many people have their front teeth projecting outwards. While it may look quite pretty on some people, most like to have it corrected. This can be improved with the help of braces. Braces are a very common appliance to align a number of teeth at the same time. Teeth are very gradually moved into position over a period of nearly two years. While necessitates frequent and many visits to the dentist, this gradual movement is necessary to avoid damage. Tooth spacing can also be adjusted with braces. At Arlington cosmetic dentistry you can braces made with tooth colored materials.

Arlington Invisible aligners: Invisible aligners are an improvement over the traditional wire braces. Braces involve repeated visits, and may look conspicuous. If you do not like braces you can go for invisible aligners. High technology equipment and software will generate a number of aligners which you can wear one after the other. Each aligner will move your teeth through a small angle which has been pre-calculated.  These aligners are of clear plastic and hence invisible. They also avoid repeated visits to the dentist. However, aligners cost slightly more. Aligners for teens are also available now.

Arlington Bite Reclamation:  Do your teeth mate properly when you close your mouth? That is technically a proper ‘bite’. Some people do not have a proper bite. Others may have their bite disturbed due to chronic reflux or an involuntary habit of excessive grinding. This can cause a ‘closed’ bite, which results in the face looking shorter. Problems with bite cause a very poor smile, and may even result in persistent pain in the jaw bone. Cosmetic dentistry, Arlington will fix such problems for you at very affordable costs.

Arlington Porcelain Crowns or Cosmetic Caps: Restored (repaired) teeth may need to be crowned or capped for mechanical protection. Crowns on front teeth look conspicuous. Here at Arlington cosmetic dentistry we can give you excellent tooth colored crowns which will enhance your smile.

Arlington Dental bridges:  Unfortunate things may happen. People lose teeth due to disease or accident. A lost or missing tooth may be replaced with a false tooth which can attached to two crowns on neighboring teeth the sides. This is called a bridge.

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