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Wisdom teeth-do they bring wisdom?

The three rear teeth on each side of the jaw are called the molar teeth. The rear-most of each of these is called a wisdom tooth. Contrary to what their name suggests, wisdom teeth have no physical connection with one’s wisdom. They are simply called wisdom teeth because they come out at about the age when a person is getting mature, that is in late teens or early twenties. Dentists call them the third molars. Due to their remote location where a toothbrush is unable to perform cleaning, they are prone to problems because of poor oral hygiene. As a result, most dentists in Arlington TX recommend to extract the problematic wisdom tooth at the slightest excuse. These teeth are not really necessary for the chewing function, and repairing them is difficult because of limited access and visibility at the rear of the jaw. At All Dental in Arlington TX, we are fully equipped in taking care of all your wisdom teeth problems.

Wisdom Teeth Arlington
Wisdom Teeth Arlington

Problems of the wisdom tooth, Wisdom Teeth Arlington

Some typical problems are associated with the wisdom tooth are

  • Impacted wisdom tooth– a wisdom tooth which fails to grow out of the gum is called an impacted wisdom tooth. Wisdom teeth are quite prone to be impacted.  A partially impacted wisdom tooth sometimes causes swelling, tenderness, pain, jaw stiffness, gum disease, and even an abscess in the overlying gum.  This condition is known as pericoronitis. At All Dental in Arlington TX, we recommend to get an impacted wisdom tooth extracted if it is frequently affected by pericoronitis.
  • Misaligned / misplaced- Occasionally a wisdom tooth may grow either misaligned, or may be displaced towards the adjacent (2nd molar) molar or away from it. In such cases the wisdom tooth can harm the 2nd molar or jaw bone, and could possible damage the nerves. In these cases, sometimes it becomes necessary to get a wisdom tooth removed at All Dental Arlington TX, so as to prevent damage to the adjacent teeth.

Treating a diseased wisdom tooth

Because of their rear location they are difficult to treat. Dentists do not worry too much about treating problematic wisdom teeth. They believe that they are not essential for any of the functions associated with teeth; eating, speaking, and the smile. Hence, a wisdom teeth are normally extracted in any of the two situations: they are diseased or they may get diseased.

Extraction of a Wisdom tooth, Wisdom Teeth Arlington

If a diseased wisdom tooth is already erupted, extraction is not very difficult. But an impacted wisdom tooth needs care and expertise. Our dentists at All Dental Arlington TX will make an incision will make an incision around the gum of the impacted tooth. Next, some bone will be removed around the tooth so that it can be easily extracted from its socket.  Since this is a surgical procedure, it is carried out under the effect of local or general anesthesia

Post Extraction, Wisdom Teeth Arlington:

  • Bleeding can continue for many hours following extraction. The patient should be made to chew on a clean gauze pad to stop bleeding.
  • Sucking action can possibly restart the bleeding. Sucking actions can reopen the wound, and must be avoided.
  • Most often pain killers will be needed and antibiotics will be given by our dentist at All Dental Arlington TX to obviate any infection.
  • Patient should take liquid or soft foods for a few days.
  • Daily brushing routine must continue except at the affected area. It should be resumed gradually.


The following complications can arise if care is not taken

  • Dry socket– a problem called a dry socket can occur if the clot formed over wound is removed prematurely
  • Paresthesia-or numbness of the tongue which may be caused by injury to nearby nerve during extraction.

If any of your wisdom teeth are causing problems, you should visit your local Arlington dentist immediately. If you are looking for a dental practice that takes care of all dental problems under one roof, then you must consider All Dental in Arlington, Texas for all your dental concerns.