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Tooth Extraction Arlington – Affordable Dentistry in Arlington TX 817-462-0007 Best Dentist Arlington Texas

Tooth Extraction Arlington

Tooth Extraction Arlington TX at All dental. Gentle, Painless and Friendly Dentist‎. No More Pain, FREE Consultation & Flexible Payments, with OR without Insurance, Call now at (817) 462-0007

At All dental Arlington TX, we do our best to restore even the most severely damaged teeth. However, tooth removal or tooth extraction becomes the last resort in case diseased or damaged teeth cannot be repaired. Your Arlington dentist will always try all possible means to recover the tooth before a tooth extraction is advised.

When is a Tooth Extraction Advised in Arlington, TX?

Apart from irrecoverable, painful teeth, there may be other reasons where a tooth extraction of otherwise healthy may also be advised by your dentist in Arlington TX. Here are a few:

  • Supernumerary Teeth – Supernumerary (extra) teeth blocking growth and optimal alignment of other teeth.
  • Retention of Milk Teeth – If baby teeth do not fall out in time and block bursting of permanent teeth.
  • Orthodontic Reasons – One or two teeth may be extracted to allow room for realignment of teeth, eg, with braces.
  • Prior to Radiation – When a person is to receive radiation therapy to head or neck, teeth in the path of radiation may have to be extracted.
  • Prior to Organ Transplant – A tooth likely to develop infection is got rid of before organ transplant. Organ transplants are accompanied by treatment to inhibit reaction the body immune system.
  • Denture Fabrication – mobile and infected teeth need to be extracted prior to designing and fabricating partial or complete dentures.
  • Impacted Teeth – when a tooth is unable to erupt completely into occlusion, it is said to have been impacted. Impacted teeth that frequently get infected may need to be extracted. Impacted wisdom is also sometimes extracted when they are putting pressure on the Temporomandibular joint due to the limited space.

Tooth extraction procedures in Arlington, Texas

Two methods are normally employed for tooth extractions. Teeth with multiple roots may cause complications in extraction, as also will teeth which have only a root left in the jaw. An x-ray view or views will be useful for determining which type of extraction must be performed. Local anesthesia will normally be given to the patient to avoid discomfort. All Dental at Arlington, Texas, we have the expertise of both types of extraction.

  • Simple extraction at All Dental – A simple extraction procedure is always the first to be considered. After the administration of local anesthesia, your Arlington dentist at All Dental will first detach the gums and loosen the tooth with the help an elevator. After the tooth is sufficiently mobile, it will be pulled out with the help of forceps which are specific for each tooth.
  • Surgical extraction at All Dental- a surgical extraction is a much more complex procedure. Surgical extraction means that a surgical incision into the gum is involved. Teeth whose crowns (visible portions) have been lost, or teeth with multiple roots will need surgical extraction. Surgical extractions are the specialty of oral surgeons but can be done by some general surgeons.

Preparation and precautions at All Dental in Arlington, TX

Preparation for an extraction will involve taking a detailed medical and dental history, discussion of patient concerns, followed by visual / x-ray examinations.  Do tell the dentist about the medicines you are taking, have recently taken, or are scheduled to take. A tooth extraction soon after a bisphosphonate treatment tends to increase the risk of a very serious condition called osteonecrosis (bone death).

Post extraction care at All Dental in Arlington, TX

Bleeding the mouth is more difficult to stop than one from the skin. That is because the mouth cannot remain dry. After the extraction, you will be asked to bite on a clean dry piece of cotton gauze for a few minutes. This is to allow the oozing blood to clot.  The extraction may cause pain for a few hours or days. Your Arlington dentist at All Dental will normally prescribe some pain killers which you can take if required to reduce pain. If bleeding restarts or does not stop, or pain does not subside even after an hour you must consult your dentist at All Dental, Arlington,TX.