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Root Canal Arlington – Affordable Dentistry in Arlington TX 817-462-0007 Best Dentist Arlington Texas

Root Canal Arlington

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Mention of a root canal treatment (RCT) can be scary for some patients. Actually it is a very useful dental procedure which can save an infected tooth from extraction and give you immediate relief from excruciating pain. Millions of root canal treatments are done every year. At All Dental in Arlington TX, we make every effort to save infected teeth through a root canal procedure, instead of getting them extracted.

What is a Root Canal?

Your teeth have a layered structure somewhat like the stump of a tree. The outer layer is made of the partly transparent enamel which is the hardest of the tissue types in your body. It covers the top and sides of the visible portion of the tooth.  Inside the enamel layer, and extending down to the root of the tooth is the main body of the tooth made up of dentin, another hard material but not as hard. The cementum layer binds the root to the jaw. The root and crown portion of teeth is hollow and contains the dental pulp which is richly supplied with nerves and blood supply to the tooth. In a fully grown tooth the pulp is no more required because the tooth can receive the necessary supply from the surrounding tissue.

Root Canal Arlington
Arlington Root Canal

Why do I need a root canal treatment in Arlington TX?

Under certain circumstances the protective enamel layer of the teeth is lost, which exposes the underlying dentine and pulp to the external environment. Prolonged exposure of the pulp and dentine can lead to an inflammation and later, infection of the pulp. This causes pressure to buildup in the canal which causes unbearable pain. we at root canal Arlington perform in these cases to relieve the inflammation and prevent the tooth from ultimate extraction.

Root canal treatment at All Dental, Arlington TX

The root canal treatment (RCT) is also called endodontic treatment (treatment inside the tooth). The infected pulp is removed by opening up the canal. Access to the root canal is gained by drilling through the tooth crown. To make the patient comfortable and pain-free, at All Dental Arlington, we perform the root canal procedure under local anesthesia. Once the access to the root canal is gained, it is cleaned and disinfected thoroughly. Finally, the root canal is filled with an inert material and the tooth is restored. Millions of root canal Arlington procedures are routinely performed by dentists all over the world. The following steps are performed by experts at Arlington Dentists as part of this procedure:

  • Pre-operative investigations– The RCT will normally be preceded by an X-ray examination of the tooth. The dentist will determine if RCT is suitable for you. Also, a tooth may have more than one root. To determine which root or roots are infected, more than one views may be needed.
  • Administration of Local Anesthesia – The pulp is a living tissue. To save you pain during extraction of the pulp local anesthesia is given before starting the procedure.
  • Preparation of Access Cavity – to obtain access to the pulp the dentist carefully drills through the crown of the tooth. The drilled hole is widened just enough for easy insertion and removal of the instruments.
  • Pulp Removal –pulp is extracted with the help of special endodontic instruments. During this operation, the cavity is continuously irrigated with saline water or an antibacterial fluid. This helps in disinfection as well as total removal of the debris.
  • Root Canal Preparation – after removal of the pulp, the cavity is shaped conical, narrowing at the bottom and flared at the crown end.
  • Obturation – Inert biomaterial, eg, gutta percha, is tightly packed inside the prepared cavity to prevent recurrence of the infection.
  • Temporary Filling – A temporary filling is done over the tooth to allow a healing and observation period. The dentist gives you an appointment to come back for a permanent filling.
  • Permanent Filling– If everything goes fine, the temporary filling is replaced with a permanent filling. That completes the RCT.

How long does RCT take at All Dental, Arlington TX?

The RCT operation normally takes a few visits, but in the busy life of today, patients do not like this. Expert dentists can, in some cases, decide to do the complete RCT in a single sitting. Contact All Dental, Arlington for advice.

Do I need a crown on a Root Canal treated tooth?

In many cases, yes. After drilling the walls of the cavity may not remain strong enough to take severe chewing loads. Your dentist at All Dental, Arlington (Texas) should be able to advise you if you should have a crown placed over the treated tooth.

Do I need to observe any other care after Root Canal Treatment at All Dental, Arlington?

Root canal Arlington has an unmatched success rate. The treated tooth with a crown placed over it should last you a lifetime. However, like everything in this world you need to observe some precautions to preserve your treated teeth.

  • Practice good oral hygiene-regular brushing and flossing.
  • Avoid crushing hard food with restored teeth.
  • Visit your dentist at All Dental, Arlington regularly for inspection.

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