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‘A stich in time saves nine’. When do you need to make such a stitch, you do not know. Accidents choose their own time of day and night and cause injuries. Some oral injuries can wait till the normal working hours next day but others, if left untreated can have serious health and financial consequences. It may not always be possible for you to decide whether it is safe to wait or necessary to get immediate treatment. As a rule, when you are undecided, go for expert advice. At All Dental in Arlington TX, we realize that a dental emergency can arise at any time. Therefore, we provide all types emergency dental services to our patients in Arlington.

What can cause an oral emergency?

Oral injuries can occur as a result of accidents on the road, in the sports filed or even at home or in the office. For example one may slip and fall, or get an oral injury while biting or chewing something hard. Common oral injuries can be broken, knocked out, or cracked teeth, a broken jaw, or cuts in the mouth. But not all are considered emergencies. It depends on the nature, extent, and location of the injury. However, in case you are in doubt immediately contact your Arlington dentist at All Dental.

What are some examples of oral emergency?

Some examples, but not an exhaustive list, will include:

  • Cases of severe pain– If the pain is not bearable, and will not abate with use of over the counter painkillers, do not wait. Severe pain, in any case, may point to a significant injury or nerve damage.
  • Bleeding – bleeding from the face, teeth or the gums as a result of a trauma must be treated immediately by an emergency dentist, especially if it does not stop.
  • Inability to speak, or eat  This could mean a damaged jaw or a temporomandibular dislocation.
  • Knocked out teeth
  • Broken or loose teeth
  • A large cut in the mouth or in the lip.

Whenever in doubt, treat the occurrence as an emergency and seek exert advice. Emergency dentistry treatment and advice is always available at All Dental,

Examples of what is not an oral emergency

  • A minor bruise where the blood on its own stops oozing accompanied by no severe pain.
  • A minor chip off on a tooth that needs attention only for cosmetic reasons.
  • Oozing of blood from the gums when brushing.
emergency dentist Arlington
emergency dentist Arlington

What should you do in case of an oral emergency?

If you think you have an oral emergency:

  • Ring up your dentist. Even after working hours, instructions for contact may be available on the answering machine.
  • In case of a knocked out tooth while waiting for help, if the tooth is not polluted, try to put it back in the socket and then try biting on a piece of gauze. In case it is soiled, or won’t stay, rinse it and keep it milk or saliva. Handle the tooth as little as possible.
  • In the case of a bleeding cut, try a cold press, or press a piece of clean cotton gauze against it to try to stop the bleeding.

How to prevent oral emergencies-Tips

  • During sports wear a custom designed mouthguard
  • When eating, eat slowly, and small morsels.
  • Be careful while chewing hard food.
  • Watch out for minor fish bones when eating fish. Even if the bone has been removed, small fine pieces can remain.

We sincerely hope that you and your family remain protected from all types of dental emergencies. However, if an emergency arises we are there to take care of it at All Dental, Arlington TX.