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Dentures Arlington

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Have you lost some or all of your natural teeth? Having difficulty in eating and speaking? Are your face contours shrinking inwards where teeth are missing? Then don’t worry, you are not alone! the solution to all these problems is very simple. It simply requires getting your missing teeth restored with dentures? Thousands of people get new dentures every year. Countless patients come to us at All Dental in Arlington TX to get the most beautiful dentures Arlington dentistry can offer.

What are dentures exactly?

Dentures mean a set of false teeth replace all or some of your defective or missing teeth. When all teeth are replaced by a single device in each jaw it is called a full denture. Partial dentures replace some of the teeth.  Dentures restore your smile and your ability to eat and speak.  In conventional dentures false teeth are made onto a gum colored plastic plate which adheres to gum because of suction. Conventional denture making is now a mature art, and most dentist will have them made for you.  However, implant supported dentures are fast replacing conventional dentures because a number of very definite merit points. However, conventional dentures may still have to be given to some patients either for medical reasons or budgetary priorities. Whatever the type of denture you are looking for, we will provide you at All Dental Arlington TX!

Dentures Arlington
Dentures Arlington

How are conventional dentures made at All Dental, Arlington Texas?

  • Dental Examination – Firstly, our dentist will perform a detailed examination of your teeth, so that a detailed treatment plan can be chalked out.
  • Making Impression of your Teeth – Next, we will make an impression of your teeth. The impression is then used to obtain exact molds of the patient’s upper and lower teeth.
  • Treatment Planning – While preparing a patient for denturesArlington, one or more existing healthy teeth may have to be extracted if they come in the way.
  • Recording Jaw Relations – Next, the position at which your jaws used to close when you retained your natural teeth will be recorded. This is necessary to ensure that your upper and lower denture sit comfortably on the jaw bones.
  • Fitting Your Dentures – Once the prepared dentures are back from the laboratory, you will be asked to wear them and let us know if you feel any discomfort. Minor fitting problems with dentures can be easily fixed at the dental chairside.

Implant Supported Dentures at All Dental, Arlington TX

Implant supported dentures are made on a high quality metal framework. The framework is attached to the jawbone with the help of implants. The implants are threaded conical titanium nails which are screwed into the jaw bones at carefully calculated points. A total of four implants can, most often support a complete denture.

Why are implant Supported Dentures Superior to Conventional Dentures?

Implant supported dentures are superior to conventional dentures in a number of ways. They are the result of an emerging technology.

  • Natural- Implant supported dentures Arlington and teeth feel, look, and function just like natural teeth. Teeth on conventional dentures do not.
  • Life-long solution- Implant give you virtually a lifelong functionality. Conventional dentures will need to be replaced more often.
  • Bone loss-Conventional dentures cause the jawbone to waste away and gum to shrink. This means they lose their grip and need to be relined. Implants, on the other hand, will cause the bone to grow, if at all they have any effect. This growth is because of a phenomenon called osseo-integration. Bone cells grow into the metallic implants made of titanium.
  • Potential Embarrassment– Conventional dentures tend to slip out and fall at the most in-opportune times causing embarrassment. There is no such possibility with implants.
  • Removal and storage– conventional dentures need a lot of care. They must be removed at night and whenever not worn must be kept in special soaking solutions. They must be removed and installed very carefully because if they fall they can get damaged.

So, are you ready to smile again? Visit us at All Dental Arlington TX and let us take care of all your dental problems.

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